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Summarizing a Short Story

The headline of the article may be the first thing, and often the only thing, that folks read. Places where your sentences sound awkward or they had to read twice to get the meaning.

Most teachers, when assigning a short story summary, have an expectation that you’ll write one solid paragraph. When learning how to write 5 paragraph essays, remember to avoid long drawn-out paragraphs. Other ‘subjects’ have likewise blurred out of focus through artificial separation from the larger corpus of knowledge. Each of these may have a different potential audience, so recognise this and match your writing style accordingly. Once the draft substitutions have been made by the tool, you then start the revision stage. Mid Ulster Hospital in Northern Ireland piloted the Malnutrition universal screening tool in attempt to detect patients that were at risk of malnutrition at an earlier stage to prevent further health conditions. Only a hundred years ago, steel was hardened under what a modern engineer would consider primitive conditions. If you need sources for references or just some inspiration for an essay, you can subscribe for the site.

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