Dwight Twilley

Still Looking for the Magic

Oklahoma native Dwight Twilley has had a long and storied career with just as many successes as near misses. He is best known for two Top 20 hits, 1975’s “I’m on Fire” and 1984’s “Girls”, the latter of which was popular on MTV back in the day thanks to a racy—some would say sexist—video. However, Twilley also suffered setbacks when his 1976 song “Shark (In the Dark)” was debuted on American Bandstand, only to be yanked as a single by his record company for fear that the buying public would too closely associate it with Jaws and deem it a novelty tune. He also had problems in 1986 when his album Wild Dogs landed with a thud in the midst of a payola scandal involving the president of his record company, too.


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