Dwight Twilley

“20 Questions with Dwight Twilley” – PopMatters

By PopMatters Staff 3 December 2010

Tulsa native Dwight Twilley got his start in the early 1970s when he and his friend/partner, the late Phil Seymour, journeyed to the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis and soaked up the essence of rock ‘n’ roll from early Sun Records artist/producer Ray Harris.

Armed with that knowledge, the Dwight Twilley Band was formed and helped paved the way for late-‘70s power-pop with their debut single, “I’m on Fire”, a top 20 hit in 1975. The following LP, 1976’s Sincerely, is considered a classic of the genre.

A documentary about his career, tentatively titled Why You Wanna Break My Heart: The Dwight Twilley Story, is currently in the works. His latest release, Green Blimp, was recorded at his Big Oak Studio in Tulsa, and features 12 new pop gems with special guests, including Bill Pitcock IV (of the original Twilley Band) and Susan Cowsill (!)

Being the good guy that he is, he was more than happy to sit down for 20 Questions.


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