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  • Blurt

    Along with such hallowed rock ‘n’ roll icons as Alex Chilton, Todd Rundgren, and those guys in Badfinger, singer/songwriter Dwight Twilley is one of the godfathers of power pop, influencing a generation of artists that includes Paul Collins, Peter Case, …

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  • Still On Fire

    In the summer of ’75 an inordinately handsome 24-year old Okie with a joint Sun Records/Elvis and British Invasion/Beatles fixation vaulted from out of nowhere into the Top 20 with the chiming/throbbing radio anthem “I’m On Fire.” Credited to The …

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  • BC Music

    Dwight Twilley has been cranking out the tunes for over 35 years. He met future music partner and bandmate Phil Seymour back in 1967 as a teenager. They had both gone to the theater to see a performance of A …

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  • Fame Review

    Dwight Twilley has enjoyed an unusual career of hit singles but not hit LPs. Green Blimp could be the disc that turns that around. From 1975 to 1992, he enjoyed several smashes both on the charts and in the Wayne’s …

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  • Muzik Reviews

    I didn’t know Dwight Twilley at all before I heard Green Blimp, although I had heard a couple of his songs and never knew who wrote them. After I checked out this latest album, set for release on October 5, …

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  • Luxury Experience

    Dwight Twilley – Green Blimp was self-released on the Big Oak Records label and was produced by Dwight Twilley. Always at the forefront of creativity and ideas, Dwight wanted to “kick start” as well as to help fund the self-release, …

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  • Midwest Record Entertainment

    DWIGHT TWILLEY/Green Blimp: And if you’re ready for some power pop nostalgia, Twilley don’t mind. Going back to Tulsa with Susan Cowsill and some other like minded travelers, Twilley brings it back for those that dug it the first time …

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