Dwight Twilley


Words and Music by Dwight Twilley
Dionnio Music Administered by Bug Music

Well the world gets twisted around in so many ways
Yeah, we all get caught in the thunderstorm parade

Well forget about yesterday, forget about today
Let’s do it tomorrow, I’ll call you tomorrow

We could do it real good today, we’ll do it better tomorrow

Tomorrow is the time when we’ll make love
Tomorrow, is the only time, the perfect place
The only hope for a dream to chase
Tomorrow, tomorrow

Well we all get blinded by the flash of the boulevard
Just a little distracted by the music from a passing car

Well you wait for a date with your favorite movie star
Then you end up alone in the corner of a brookside bar

Well forget about yesterday, forget about today
Better do it tomorrow, there’s nothing wrong with tomorrow

It could feel real good today, could be very nice to play
It could work in a hundred ways, but let’s do it tomorrow
I’ll call you tomorrow, we could do it real good today
But let’s do it tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

There’s always tomorrow

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