Dwight Twilley

It Ends

Words and Music by Dwight Twilley
Dionnio Music Administered by Bug

The Person that you’ve known so long
And a timeless friend, the silhouettes of bodies close
The way that they were then

It ends, it ends
Just like it begins, where the ice is so thin,
It ends

The promises you spoke out loud
The seconds days and years
You see it when you close your eyes
It never disappears

But, it ends, it ends, it ends, it ends
The places you’ve been, just get lost in the wind
It ends

The photographs are all that last
The secrets fade away, the summer winds they turn to cold
Forever never stays

Well, it ends, it ends, it ends, it ends
You try to pretend but losing love is a sin

The shattered glass, your world collapsed
The dark and sunlight blend
Well, there was nothing in your heart until you let it in

It ends, it ends, it ends, it ends
You’ll hang on to your kite, for the rest of your life, till it ends

It ends, it ends

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