Dwight Twilley

Green Blimp

Words and Music by Dwight Twilley
Dionnio Music Administered by Bug Music

In the Green Blimp where I live
Life is happy where I live, in the Green Blimp

Through the white clouds, where I drift
All our daydreams are endless
In The Green Blimp, in the Green Blimp

In the Green Blimp

My dog Sparky and I sit, on the main deck
With Elizabeth, in the Green Blimp

Tiny cities below us, they’ve got nothing to show us
In the Green Blimp, in the Green Blimp

In the Green Blimp, In the Green Blimp

Skies are blue, for me and you
We don’t need shoes, we’ve got no blues, as we sail through

We’ve got cocktails and cherries, through the blue birds we ferry
In the Green Blimp

All the fighting beneath us if we’re lucky won’t reach us
In the Green Blimp, in the Green blimp

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green blimp